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SOAC has successfully brokered a tentative agreement between the Ashland School District and Ashland Parks and Recreation Department to offer a Pilot Swim Program to a small number of students in May ’22, for swim lessons.  The full details (and expense) have yet to be worked out, but the agreement is there: that Ashland children would benefit greatly from greater access to swim lessons. The Pilot Swim Program will be an After-School Youth Activity, paving the way for an all inclusive After-School Swim Program in May ’23. 

Last June (’21), SOAC conducted a swim skills survey of Ashland 4th, 5th, and 6th graders which revealed that as many as 65 percent did not have enough competency in basic swim skills to reduce their risk of drowning. This agreement between the ASD and APRC is an important step towards making all of our community’s young “swim safe.”