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For those of you who were not able to attend the September 23rd meeting with the Parks and Rec Commissioners, the good news is: all five Commissioners voted in favor of the Final Recommendation presented by the Pool AdHoc Committee.  🙂   Hooray!  A major milestone has been achieved!  The Recommendation summarized a year’s worth of work put in by the Pool AdHoc Committee and it captured the needs and wants of the community for a better pool. 

For those of you who attended, Thank You ever so much for taking the time to show up and show your support for a new pool in Ashland!  The council chambers were packed, standing-room only, which is what I was hoping for!  Your presence carried a lot of weight in showing your support to the Commissioners and the staff of APRC for just how much you want and need this new pool in Ashland.

The following people were motivated and courageous and sat in the “hot seat” to speak directly to the Commissioners::  Pam Downs, Mary Downs, Celeste Marokus, Glenna Stiles, Paul Rostykus, Brandon Ross, Harry Ross, Marc Heller and David Subia (I hope I haven’t forgotten anyone).  Thank you so much for expressing your thoughts, concerns, and hardships experienced now that the DMPool is closed.  Thank you for telling the Commissioners and APRC staff about what a pool means to you and to this community!
To all my fellow Pool AdHoc Committee members (Matt Miller, Jocelyn Sanford, Mike Hitsky, Todd Lantry, Jackie Bachman, Gary Simms, and Risa Buck), the Commissioners (Rick Landt and Mike Gardiner), Director Michael Black, Rachel Dials, Lonny Flora, and Mike Oxendine:  It has been a pleasure working with you towards this goal, and I am so happy about last night’s unanimous acceptance — much gratitude flowing to you each from deep within me for all your hard work and efforts.
Additionally, so much gratitude and Thanks, again, to Lithia Motors and Tom Dobry, for your generous donation of time and effort to create those 6 videos for SOAC, which truly capture how much a community pool means to Ashland residents.

And, special thanks to Barbara Cervone, my neighbor and friend, for all your help with the SOAC webpage (countless hours given freely by you!), photos, posts, articles, and the Recommendation — your professional help has made a huge improvement in SOAC’s website and our ability to increase awareness in the community of the need for a better pool for Ashland.

You are all now dubbed “Ashland Aquatic Ambassadors” to help spread the word to the whole community that SOAC will be launching its fund-raising campaign and seeking donations and support.  Stay tuned for more details on that!

The meeting was televised live and can be watched again September 24th at 6 p.m., Channel 180, RVTV.
Jumping for Joy!
Rebecca Kay, President
Southern Oregon Aquatic Community

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